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University of Ibadan(UI) JAMB & Post UTME New Cut-Off Mark 2023/24[Updated]

In a surprising move that sent shockwaves through the nation, the University of Ibadan newly released cut-off mark for JAMB & Post UTME, upgrading the old cut-off mark to challenge students.  This move has raised questions regarding its impact on the quality of education, competition among students, and the university’s [...]

First class tips

How to Make First Class in Higher Institution – A comprehensive guide

Hey my fellow upcoming scholars. Are you aiming and feeling the first-class fever burning strong? Yeah we all feeling it together. I know you are already having that vision of  endless reading of textbooks, sleepless and energy drink fueled night in your head. But listen my fearless scholars, attaining that [...]

Matriculation and Convocation

Understanding Matriculation & Convocation in University Life

Have you just gained admission into higher institution? be it university, polytechnic or college. Firstly, congratulations on securing your spot in your desired institution. But before you unleash the scholar in you, let’s first take you to the first welcome party in your university life called the “Matriculation Ceremony“. Think [...]