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How Many Private Universities Are in Nigeria? Updated

Nigeria’s higher education system is booming, with more students seeking higher institution education. Federal or state universities, however, often face limitations in capacity.

This is where private universities step in, offering a wider range of options for aspiring undergraduates.

This blog post aims to be your one-stop guide to private universities in Nigeria. We’ll answer the burning question – how many private universities are there in Nigeria? – and provide you with valuable details and insights.

We’ll also address some frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help you navigate this exciting educational path.

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How Many Private Universities Are in Nigeria?

As of the time of writing this article (April 4, 2024), Nigeria boasts an impressive count of 149 private universities, according to the National Universities Commission (NUC) website. This number has seen a significant rise in recent years, reflecting the increasing demand for university education in the country.

List of Private Universities in Nigeria

Below is a tabular list of all the 149 private universities in Nigeria, with each university name containing data such as state of location, year founded, and link to the school homepage if you need more information.

Achievers University, Owo state2007
Adeleke University, Ede state2011
Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti Ekiti State2009
African University of Economics., Abuja2024
African University of Science & Technology, Abuja, Abuja2007
Ahman Pategi University, Kwara. State2021
Ajayi Crowther University, Ibadan state2005
Al-Ansar University, Maiduguri, Borno state2022
Al-Bayan University, Ankpa. State2023
Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin state2005
Al-Istiqama University, Sumaila, kano. State2021
Al-Muhibbah Open University, Abuja, Abuja2023
Al-Qalam University, Katsina state2005
Aletheia University, Ago-Iwoye. State2023
Amadeus University, Amizi. State2023
Amaj University, Kwali, Abuja----FCT, Abuja2023
American University of Nigeria, Yola state2003
Anan University, Kwall. State2021
Anchor University Ayobo. State2016
Arthur Javis University Akpoyubo. river State2016
Atiba University Oyo state2017
Augustine University state2015
Ave Maria University, Piyanko. State2021
Azman University. State2023
Baba Ahmed University, Kano. State2022
Babcock University,Ilishan-Remo State1999
Baze University, Abuja2011
Bells University of Technology, Otta. State2005
Benson Idahosa University, Benin City state2002
Bingham University, New Karu, Abuja2005
Bowen University, Iwo state2001
British Canadian University, Obufu. River State2023
Caleb University. state2007
Canadian University of Nigeria, Abuja., Abuja2023
Capital City University. State2021
Caritas University, Enugu state2005
Chrisland University State2015
Christopher University Mowe State
Claretian University of Nigeria, Nekede. State2021
Clifford University Owerrinta. State2016
Coal City University State2016
College of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Kaduna.---------Kaduna State2023
Cosmopolitan University Abuja, Abuja2023
Covenant University Ota State2002
Crawford University Igbesa State2005
Crescent University State2005
Dominican University Ibadan. State2016
Dominion University Ibadan. State2019
Edusoko University, Bida. State2021
Edwin Clark University, Kaigbodo state2015
Eko University of Medical and Health Sciences Ijanikin. State2017
El-Amin University, Minna. State2023
Elizade University, Ilara-Mokin State2012
Elrazi Medical University Yargaya University. State2023
European University of Nigeria, Duboyi. Abuja.2022
Evangel University, Akaeze State2012
Fountain Unveristy, Osogbo state2007
Franco British International University. State2023
Gerar University of Medical Science Imope Ijebu. State.2023
Glorious Vision University, Ogwa. State.2011
Godfrey Okoye University, Ugwuomu-Nike. State2009
Greenfield University, Kaduna state2019
Gregory University, Uturuhttps://www.gregoryuniversity.comAbia state2012
Hallmark University, Ijebi Itele, Ogun. state.2015
Havilla University, Nde-Ikom. River State2021
Hensard University, Toru-Orua, Sagbama. State2023
Hezekiah University, Umudi state2015
Hillside University of Science and Technology, Okemisi. State2023
Huda University, Gusau. State2023
Iconic Open University. State.2023
Igbinedion University Okada State.1999
James Hope University, Lagos. State2021
Jewel University. state2023
Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Ikeji-Arakeji State2006
Karl-Kumm University, Vom. State2021
Khadija University, Majia. State 2021
Khalifa Isiyaku Rabiu University, Kano. state2022
Kings University, Ode Omu State2015
Kola Daisi University Ibadan. State2016
Kwararafa University, Wukari State2005
Landmark University, Omu-Aran. State.2011
Lead City University, Ibadan State2005
Legacy University, Okija. State2016
Lighthouse University, Evbobanosa. Edo State2024
Lux Mundi University Umuahia. State2023
Madonna University, Okija State1999
Maduka University, Ekwegbe. State2023
Maranathan University, Mgbidi.Imo State2021
Margaret Lawrence University, Umunede. State2022
Maryam Abacha American University of Nigeria. State2021
Mcpherson University, Seriki Sotayo, Ajebo State2012
Mercy Medical University, Iwo. State2023
Mewar International University, Masaka. State2021
Micheal & Cecilia Ibru University State.2015
Miva Open University, Abuja. Abuja.2023
Mountain Top University State2015
Mudiame University, Irrua. State.2021
Muhammad Kamalud University Kwara. state.2023
Newgate University, MInna. State.2022
Nigerian British University, Asa. State.2022
Nigerian University of Technology and Management, Apapa. State2023
Nile University of Nigeria, Abuja Abuja.2009
NOK University, Kachia. --------Kaduna State.2021
North Eastern University, Gombe. state.2022
NorthWest University Sokoto State. State.2022
Novena University, Ogume state.2005
Obong University, Obong Ntakhttps://www.obonguniversity.netAkwa Ibom State.2007
Oduduwa University, Ipetumodu State2009
Ojaja University Eiyenkorin. State2016
PAMO University of Medical Sciences, Portharcourt state.2017
Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos state.2002
Paul University, Awka. State2009
PeaceLand University. State2023
Peter University, Achina-Onneh Anambra State State2022
Philomath University, Kuje, Abuja Abuja.2021
Phoenix University, Agwada. State2023
Precious Cornerstone University, Oyo state.2017
Prime University, Kuje. Abuja2023
Rayhaan University, Kebbi state2023
Redeemer's University, Ede state.2005
Renaissance University, Enugu State.2005
Rhema University, Obeama-Asa. State2009
Ritman University, Ikot Ekpene. Ibom state2015
Saisa University of Medical Sciences and Technology. State2022
Salem University, Lokoja state.2007
Sam Maris University, Ondo state.2023
Shanahan University Onitsha. State.2023
Skyline University, Kano state.2018
Southwestern University, Oku Owa State2012
Spiritan University, Nneochi. State.2017
Sports University, Idumuje, Ugboko. State2022
Summit University, Offa State.2015
Tansian University, Umunya State.2007
The Duke Medical University, Calabar.---------Cross River State2023
Thomas Adewumi University, Oko-Irese. State2021
Topfaith University, Mkpatak. Ibom State.2021
Trinity University State2019
University of Mkar, Mkar State2005
University of Offa, State2021
University on the Niger, Umunya. state2023
Venite University, Iloro-Ekiti. State2023
Veritas University, Abuja Abuja.2007
Vision University, Ikogbo. State2023
Wellspring University, Evbuobanosa.https://www.wellspringuniversity.netEdo State2009
Wesley University Ondo State2007
West Midlands Open University, Ibadan. State2023
Western Delta University, Oghara . State2007
Westland University Iwo. State2019
Wigwe University, Isiokpo. State2023

Reasons for the Growth of Private Universities

The reasons for the growth of private universities in Nigeria aren’t one size fits all, however, we could argue that some of the several factors that contribute to the rise of private universities in Nigeria include:

  • Insufficient capacity of public universities: The public university system can’t meet the ever-increasing number of applicants seeking higher education.
  • Increasing demand for university education: With a growing youth population, the desire to pursue university degrees is at an all-time high.
  • The desire for specialized or faith-based education: Because most of the private universities are church-owned universities, therefore you could argue that the Private universities in Nigeria are looking to cater to specific disciplines or religious affiliations, offering a more tailored educational experience.

What are the Benefits of Private Universities?

Attending a private university in Nigeria can offer several advantages:

  • Smaller class sizes and more personalized attention: This allows for a more interactive learning environment, greater support from professors, and less distraction.
  • Modern facilities and up-to-date curriculums: Private universities often invest heavily in infrastructure and stay current with industry trends, this means as a student of a private university you are getting your value for money in terms of what you are being taught and the facilities you make use of.
  • Focus on specific disciplines or religious values: If you have always dreamed of attending a specialized institution, you can get that from a private university. That is because you can find universities specializing in fields like technology or engineering, or those aligned with particular religious beliefs.

What to Consider When Choosing a Private University?

Before deciding on the private university that is best for you, you should consider these factors:

  1. Accreditation and reputation: Ensure the university is accredited by the NUC and has a strong academic standing.
  2. Cost of tuition and fees: Private universities typically have higher tuition fees than public institutions. Be sure to factor in all associated costs.
  3. Location and available programs: Consider the university’s location and whether they offer programs that align with your academic goals.

If all of this is in place, then the final decision is upon you.

Related FAQs

When was the First Private University in Nigeria Founded?

The official year of the first private university isn’t exactly straightforward. As the university was first founded years before it was officially approved by the NUC in 1999.

What is the Name of The First Private University in Nigeria?

Babcock University is founded and owned by the baptist church and is the first-ever private university in Nigeria. The university is located in Ogun-state and have impacted the Nigerian economy through the quality of students it has produced over the years.

Read more on the Babcock University current year Acceptance, Hostel and School Fees

Who founded the first private university in Nigeria?

Information about the founder might also be available on the NUC website or through further research.

When was the recent private university founded?

In 2023 we saw over 37 new private universities approved by NUC, well anyone would have thought there would be a break but it seems to be the opposite, Despite being barely 4 months into the new year we have already seen the NUC newly approved 2 private universities in 2024.

That means new universities are constantly being approved. so Stay updated by checking the NUC website for the latest information.

What are the 10 oldest private universities in Nigeria?

The 10 oldest universities in Nigeria are:

  1. Babcock University – 1999
  2. Igbinedion University Okada – 1999
  3. Madonna University, Okija – 1999
  4. Bowen University, Iwo – 2001
  5. Benson Idahosa University, Benin City – 2002
  6. Covenant University Ota – 2002
  7. Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos – 2002
  8. American University of Nigeria, Yola – 2003
  9. Ajayi Crowther University, Ibadan – 2005
  10. Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin – 2005

Which state has the most private universities in Nigeria?


Nigeria’s private university landscape is flourishing, offering numerous opportunities for students seeking higher education.

With careful consideration and research, a private university could be the perfect fit for your academic aspirations.

The number of private universities is likely to continue growing, further diversifying the educational landscape.

We encourage you to explore further and see if a private university aligns with your educational goals. Good luck on your journey to higher learning!

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