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Who is the owner of Anchor University Lagos?

Anchor university, Lagos is a private Christian university established in 2014 with the mission to educate graduates to be self-reliant professionals, godly leaders, and globally relevant researchers.

The university offer an array of courses from sciences, management, humanities and law.

Being a Christian private university, Anchor university did not just address the gap in quality education but more importantly focused on raising exceptional leaders that bears the mark of Christ.

You would want to believe that these private institution is owned by a believer or Church as I’ve mentioned earlier being a private Christian university.

However, you would already be asking who is the owner of Anchor University? Is it owned by an individual, group of people or a Church.

Well, In these article, I will be addressing and answering the question on who owns Anchor university with a brief history of the institution.

Read through as I unleash the real owner…

Who owns Anchor University?

Anchor University. Lagos established in 2014 is a private Christian university owned by the Deeper Christian Life Ministry popularly known as (Deeper Life Church) overseen by Pastor (Dr) William Folorunso Kumuyi.

Deeper Christian Life Ministry is a Church with it’s origin from 1973 founded and overseen by Pastor Kumuyi W.F who is also the General Superintendent of Church.

Where is Anchor University located?

Anchor university (AUL) is located in Ayobo, Ipaja, Lagos State, southwestern part of Nigeria.

Who is the Chancellor of Anchor University(AUL)?

As mentioned earlier that the university is owned and managed by Deeper Christian Life Ministry overseen by the General Superintendent, Pastor Dr. Kumuyi W.F.

However, Pastor Dr. Kumuyi W.F is also the Chancellor of Anchor university.

Brief history of Anchor University, Lagos?

Anchor University Logo
Anchor University Logo

The foundation of Anchor university was scheduled for September 2012 but due to the Dana Air Crash in 2012, there was a huge setback in the establishment of the university.

These were because the representatives of National Universities Commission (NUC) were among those affected from the saddened Dana air plane crash.

Professor Celestine Onwuliri, an executive director with the NUC who was supposed to head the final inspection and approval of the university was among the victim that died in the Dana air crash on Sunday June 3, 2012.

However, the construction of the university site begins in 2013 and the university was officially founded in 2014 by the Deeper Christian Life Ministry.

Two years later on Wednesday 2 November 2016, Anchor university was officially approved and licensed by the NUC to operate as a private university in Nigeria.

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