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Nigeria Student Study Guide to Make Money Online

Nigerian Student Struggle! – A Guide to Make Money Online

Hey there, my fellow Nigerian students. Have you ever been worried because your wallet is always flat and empty like a deflated balloon after so much expenses on textbooks and data?

Worry less, because the struggle is real as I can also feel the struggle students are going through from cashless to no food while some even trek from home to school daily.

Mind you, failure for most students starts from lack of money whereby students find it difficult to eat 3-square meal daily not to mention been able to afford textbooks and hand-outs.

However, the struggle is real but the solutions are even more realer. Read through and follow me as I guide you through the gate of making cool cash online without sacrificing your studies.

The good side of it is that you will be earning in Dollars ($$) and not Naira giving you an have edge against the Naira as the Dollar to Naira value is increasing significantly every day.

Below are the list of Money making opportunities for students with little to zero costs.

Online Surveys

Online surveys is one of the most undervalued ways for a student to earn some buck of $$$$. While online surveys are here to save your day and bank account, don’t expect it to make you an Elon Musk overnight.

Imagine earning cool cash for yourself by just simply sharing your view and thought on random issues like movies, app or even your best snacks, drinks and restaurants.

It sound easy right? Now hold on to your mobile device and data as I will be sharing with you the ABC techniques on online surveys.

However, you don’t just jump into any survey site or platform you bumped on as some survey platform don’t pay and more importantly most surveys that pays are not Nigerian eligible.

But with my guidelines, I will be leading you through on how to maneuver most surveys and be eligible as a Nigerian. Follow me as I proceed:

Finding Legit Sites/ Platform

There are lots of survey apps/platform out there but only few are legit and actually pay. Avoid getting scammed like yesterday’s jollof.

Stick to my reputable and recommended survey apps/platforms that are well known, have good reviews by users and actually pay for your precious time and opinions.

Note, if a site or platform ask for upfront payment, run oooo. It’s probably a scam

Survey Savvy is key

Being survey savvy is having a good knowledge and practical understanding of surveys. Not all surveys are created the same way, while some are sweet and short, some might take forever to complete.

Before starting any survey, always check the estimated completion time and rewards (Points / $$) and honestly answer screening questions otherwise you might get disqualified and waste your precious time.

The Respondent Game

When it comes to survey, it involves 2 person which are; researcher (survey platform/app) and respondent (You). You as a respondent needs to play your game well to earn from surveys.

I’m a believer of the saying “To succeed in Life, Logic is required“. Remember, most paying surveys are not eligible for Nigerians as most are only eligible for UK, USA, Australian indigenes or residents.

These implies that most survey questions is not expected of you Nigerian to know or be able to answer, however, you need to apply logic and think like a typical Australian or American to answer and qualify for most of these paying surveys.

However, avoid using slangs and/or informal language and proofread your answers before submitting. Remember, companies are looking for reliable and accurate insights, so be professional.

Bonus Tips

  • Fill your profile completely on any survey platform
  • Enable email notifications to get updates from every survey platform
  • Spread the word of survey by referring your friends and earn bonus for doing that or a gratitude from your broke friends

Remember: While online survey are legit way to earn extra income for yourself, it does not make you a millionaire overnight. Think of it as a fun side hustle and not a replacement for your studies.

Zero-cost Cryptocurrency Airdrop/ Mining

Have you ever witness a space where free money is falling off from the sky? Well in the Web3 world, there something similar to that which is crypto airdrop/ mining.

Imagine receiving free coin/token (digital assets) for doing simple task or just being somewhere at the right time. Sound amazing right? But you have to be prepared because airdrop are not just free box as u may think.

However, here is a guideline for students curious about the Web3 space and crypto airdrop occurrence:

What are Airdrops?

Airdrops are just a marketing strategies in the Web3 space to generate and acquire new users to a cryptocurrency projects. These tactics are mostly used by new projects or reviving projects to revive and drive back users to the projects.

They give some certain amount of their coin/token to some specific set of people; sometimes for free (by doing nothing, by just clicking a button from an app or just holding a particular coin) and sometimes in exchange for a simple tasks like following their social media accounts and reposting their posts.

While airdrops are not entirely free, you might need to spend some time or efforts to be eligible, it is also a low-risk way to dive deep into the crypto-currency world.

Finding Legitimate Airdrops

Remember, the internet is a jungle and there are lots of airdrops out there. However, finding the legit and paying airdrop is the big task here as scammers are always around even in the crypto world. Here are tips to avoid falling for airdrop scams:

  • Never share your personal information and private key/phrase of your crypto wallet to anyone. These are like the key to your bank account and giving them out should be a NO BRAINER.
  • Be careful of airdrops that require you to invest money upfront. Legit airdrops are mostly free or requires you to perform minimal task like following their social media accounts.
    However, note that some legit airdrops requires you to stake some amount of coin/token before you can qualify. But here, we’re dealing with zero-cost airdrops.
  • Stick to reputable platforms for legit airdrop and that’s why we’re here for you to give you legitimate airdrop that can earn you side income.

However, I implore you to subscribe to our Newsletter to get direct Crypto airdrop and Online surveys opportunities directly to your mail box. 

What to Expect from Airdrops

As mentioned earlier, Airdrop just like online surveys is not a get rich quicker scheme and therefore I ask you to lower your expectations from any airdrops.


  • Lower your expectations
  • Take it very serious
  • Have stable internet connection
  • Get good source of information
  • Have a stable power supply
  • And find real world side hustle for yourself

You can’t be unsuccessful when you have all those mentioned above. Airdrop can be fun and educational way to learn more about cryptocurrency, but approach them with caution.

All the choice is yours. Ours is to remind you.

Turn Classmates into Customers (Shameless Marketing)

The life of an average Nigerian students is not easy. Textbooks cost a fortune, data disappear faster than flash itself and sometimes even a cup of garri feels like a luxury. But, never feel too bothered because you can easily leverage on your classmates as secret weapon to your financial woes.

Here are some ways to turn your course mates into a buying customers:

Convert your Room to Marketplace

You see that empty space in your room! turn it into a marketplace. Remember, those detailed notes you spent hours writing and perfecting Or those barely-used textbooks gathering dust in your shelf.

These are goldmine waiting for you to leverage on them. Make use of your social media or the good old days marketing of notice board adverts to create awareness of your goods and services to your course-mates.

Find high demand goods and services your course-mate need badly, practice the act of shameless marketing and sell like crazy to them to combat your own financial woes.

Build your Course-mate Customer Base

Remember, in any business, honesty and fair price are key. Nobody, even you as a student don’t like to feel ripped off of your hard earned money especially when it’s from your classmate. Here is how to build that trust and turn your classmates into your loyal customers:

  • Be transparent about the condition and quality of your products: Be honest with your course-mate and don’t try to overhype your product by calling it what it’s not so as not to give the impression of “What I order vs what I got“.
  • Offer fair prices: Research similar products or ask around how much others are selling, compare and contrast to give your course-mates a fair price.
  • Be reliable and professional: Try to act professional, deliver on your promises and respond swiftly to inquiries and demands.

Embrace the Barter System

Are you feeling you don’t have anything to sell? Relax you can still explore the god old barter system!

Discover your inner abilities: Embrace your cooking skills, offer tutorial services or run errands for your course-mates in exchange for money or something you need.

A win-win situation for all.

Bonus Tips

  • Focus on building relationships as a healthy and strong relationship goes a long way in establishing trust with your course mates.
  • Let your classmates know about what you’re selling or offering but don’t force it on them
  • Don’t sell your personal notes or solutions to test questions to your classmates as that might violate the school rules and make you lose your integrity.

Selling or offering service to course-mate can be fun in most cases and a way to make extra income while helping your fellow course-mates. So, be creative and unleash the entrepreneur in you to conquer the Nigerian student financial battle.

Important Notice!!!

Always prioritize your studies first while making money online should be a side hustle to your student financial freedom and not a distraction to your studies. Remember, your primary goal is to graduate with good grades.

Be careful of scams while trying to make money online as there are many out there waiting for you to fall victims. If something sound too good to be true, then it probably a scam.

Do your research before jumping to any investments or cryptocurrency, understand the risk involved in any platform. However, you can subscribe to our email service while we do the research for you and get the legit platform directly to your mailbox.

Don’t try to be an Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos overnight, start small and scale up. Remember, even the richest man on planet right now start from scratch.

Now go forth and conquer the student financial with these tips

Founder and editor at AcademyPathways. Habeeb is a National Diploma(ND) holder of Statistics graduated from the highly esteemed The Polytechnic, Ibadan, Nigeria. With over a decade of experience in the education sector and career setting, Habeeb provides first hand information on educational and career related topics.

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