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Who Owns Madonna University? Answer Would Shock You!

Founded on May 10, 1999, Madonna University holds the distinction of being Nigeria’s first Catholic university.

Since Its Founding, Madonna University has stayed true to its motto: ‘Decency in education and morals.’

You might want to ask, Who’s the brain behind Madonna University, that has helped it uphold its motto over several decades.

In this blog post, we’re going to introduce you to the owner of Madonna University, tell you about its beginnings, and share some interesting insights.

Let’s get down to it…

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Who is the owner of Madonna University?

Madonna University came into existence, all thanks to the undying effort of Prof. E.M.P. Edeh, CSSp, OFR, on May 10, 1999.

Although it was Fr. Edeh who founded Madonna University, it’s a Catholic-owned university and the first Catholic-owned university in Nigeria.

Before starting Madonna University, Fr. Edeh had already created Our Saviour Institute of Science and Technology in Enugu just a year earlier, showing his love for education.

Who is Fr. Emmanuel Edeh?

Father Emmanuel Edeh, commonly known as Father Edeh, was born on May 20, 1947, in Nkanu West, Enugu State, Nigeria, to parents known for their charitable nature.

He pursued a remarkable educational journey, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Divinity (B.D.) from the Bigard Memorial Seminary, Rome, in 1976.

He later completed a Bachelor of Arts (BA), a Master of Arts (MA), and a PhD in Philosophy from DePaul University, Illinois, USA, with a focus on Metaphysics.

In addition to his academic achievements, Father Edeh obtained a professional certificate in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) from Loyola University Medical Center.

He is the founder of the Centre for Peace, Justice, and Reconciliation, dedicated to eradicating terrorism and extremism.

As the chancellor of Madonna University, he guides the institution and advocates for the less privileged and peaceful conflict resolution in Nigeria.

Father Edeh’s impact extends to education, where he pioneered private school education in Nigeria, with a focus on the disabled and Girl Child Education.

His mission is rooted in practical and effective charity, transforming the lives of marginalized and troubled youth.

Who is the chancellor of Madonna?

Fr. Emmanuel Edeh is the esteemed Chancellor of Madonna University. In this role, he diligently upholds and preserves the Madonna’s vision and mission.

Brief History Of Madonna University

Madonna University’s story begins in the late 90s when Very Rev. Fr. Prof. E.M.P. Edeh CSSp, OFR, embarked on a visionary journey to establish this prestigious institution.

In 1999, the university commenced its active operations with the approval of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Notably, that same year marked a significant milestone for Madonna University. It became the first private Catholic university in the West African sub-region and earned the distinction of being the first private university approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

The Higher Institution started out with Its inaugural campus was located in Okija, Anambra State. Over time, Madonna University has expanded its footprint, currently operating under three campuses.

In 2004, the main management campus was relocated to Elele, Rivers State, while the Okija campus continued to serve as one of its branches.

Additionally, in 2011, the Akpugo campus, specializing in engineering and technology sciences, commenced full operations.

The university offers a diverse range of academic programs, including Law, Management, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Medicine, Pharmacy, and Engineering.

All courses are accredited by the National Universities Commission, with admission requirements mandating a minimum of five credits at not more than two sittings of the O-level School Certificate Examination.

Madonna University Nigeria is not only dedicated to academic pursuits but also emphasizes important scholastic activities. These include Matriculation and Convocation ceremonies.

Since its inception, Madonna University has remained steadfast in its vision and mission.

The university’s vision is to produce graduates who can promote peace, respect, and order in the world while excelling in learning, teaching, and research.

Their mission, as a Catholic University, is to provide high-quality education for the common good of African people and beyond, fostering decency in education and morals.

Embodying these principles, Madonna University proudly upholds its motto, “Dignitas Scientiae et Moralis” – “Decency in Education and Morals,” which serves as a guiding light for every member of its community.

It is more than just a motto; it is the university’s philosophy and identity, representing who they are and what they stand for.

Which state is Madonna University located in Nigeria?

Madonna University’s main campus is located in Anambra State, Nigeria.

However, over the years, the institution has expanded its reach, establishing additional campuses in various states, including Elele in Rivers State and Akpugo in Enugu State.


And there you have it—the story behind the ownership of Madonna University, led by its visionary founder, Fr. Edeh.

As we’ve uncovered, Fr. Edeh’s remarkable journey from the Our Saviour Institute of Science and Technology to the establishment of Madonna University showcases his enduring commitment to education and morals.

Notably, while Madonna University was founded by Fr. Edeh, it is owned by the Catholic Church, a fact that makes it the first Catholic-owned university in Nigeria.

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