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University Administrative Roles: Vice-chancellor, Chancellor, Registrar, Bursary

The administrative roles in any university are so much important for the smooth running of the university and play a very vital and important role in the support of students, department, faculty and staffs.

Administrative role in universities is so important that it has to be divided in two segment to help the easy running of the university and enable division of labor.

These is to reduce the work load of the admins so as to give efficient results and give the best work output to keep the university activities up and running.

Having said earlier, the university administrative roles are being divided into two segments which are:

  • Academic administrators
  • Non-academic administrators

However, you might be wondering why are these administrative staffs so important to the university for the smooth running of the institution and what exactly is their roles to the university.

You don’t have to worry more as I am here to break down every detailed information you need to know about university administrative staffs and their important roles to the university.

In this article, I will be walking you through the roles of university administrative staffs and the important role they play in the university day-to-day activities.

Let’s get underway…….

Academic Administrators

Academic administrators are the administrative staffs of a university who are responsible for anything relating to academic part of the university such as managing academic programs, overseeing teaching and learning, and conducting research.

They play an important roles in ensuring the university provide and deliver a high quality education to its students. However, we have different academic admins role of which some will be listed below.

The Chancellor

A chancellor of a university is usually the ceremonial or honorary head of a university and oversees most of the decision making in the university system. The chancellor is the university representative in any given ceremony and act as the university ambassador.

The chancellor of a federal or state university is usually appointed by the head of state or president of a country as the case may be.

However, In most cases, chancellor is mostly applicable in the private university sectors as most chancellor of a universities are also basically the university owners.


The office of the pro-chancellor is another post very similar to the chancellor and different from vice-chancellor. The role of the pro-chancellor is to act or serve in the absence of the chancellor. He/she give order in the name of the chancellor as it represent the chancellor in it’s absence.

The only time the pro-chancellor will most likely to operate and give order is a situation where by the chancellor is not available and mostly only applicable in private universities.


The office of the vice-chancellor is the most important academic and administrative office in the university with the highest rank of order. It oversee the general councils, board of faculties and the financial committee of the university.

These office is mostly attained through election by the university staffs and requires the candidates to have some excellence qualities of integrity, self confidence and most importantly leadership skills to run the university efficiently.

Deputy Vice-chancellor

The office of a deputy vice-chancellor in a university is just next to the chancellor just as pro-chancellor is next to chancellor. As we all know the deputy always act as second in command.

So also, the deputy vice-chancellor in university is the second in command of the university excluding the chancellor and pro-chancellor.

However, the office of the deputy vice-chancellor is also charged with the responsibility of ensuring efficient academic staff and students development and also coordinate the examination activities.

Dean of Faculty

The office of the dean is the academic head of a specific unit, college, school or faculty in a university. In these case, the dean is the first in command in a particular school or faculty of a university.

He/she is charged with the responsibility of everything happening in the unit, college or faculty of their unit with the development of such unit is in the hand of the dean.


The office of the registrar is one of the most important office in academic settings with some other sub-offices inside it. The office of the registrar is charged with the responsibilities of handling student’s registration record , staff recruitment and promotion , dissemination of information as well as admission of students.

However, due to the bulk of responsibilities in the office of the registrar, it is now also separated into sub-offices which includes;

  • Deputy Registrar
  • Admission officer


The bursar is an academic administrator in the academic settings charged with the responsibility of managing all the financial account of a an institution.

These responsibilities includes day-to-day account management of both debit and credit of the institution, managing student’s fee payment and advising students on late payment.

However, to attain these role due to it sensitivity, one must possess some high level of financial management skills and must be competent in report presentation.

The above are just the few and important roles on the list of an institution academic administrative roles.

Non-academic Administrators

There is one of my saying which goes “you don’t go to university just to study books alone, but also to mingle, connect and meet new people”.

Same applies to university duties and a more reason to tell you non-academic administrative staffs are to important for the development and achieving the university goals.

However, non-academic administrators in a university are the administrative staffs responsible for the day-to-day activities, supporting the university mission, manage finance, university facilities, sports activities and services the students.

Dean of Student Affair

As said earlier, apart from our primary assignment in higher institution, we also have our secondary assignments which include socializing, sports, religious activities and others.

The office of the dean of student affairs is charged with the responsibilities of providing supports for students, overseeing student’s dat-to-day activities, monitor student behavior as well as counselling students on the do’s and don’t on the campus.

These office/role is so important as it’s the intermediary between the students and the school management.


The Librarian is responsible for the management of the institution library by curating, organizing, and managing information resources to support the academic and research needs of their community.

He/she also keeps record of students use of the library as well as borrowed and returned books by the students or lecturers.

Sport Officer

Sports officers assess student needs and develop sports and recreational activities to encourage participation and enhance quality of life.

They are also in charge of recruitment, development, management and training for students and staffs in all available sports presents in the institution.

Chief Security Officer

The chief security officer popularly known as CSO in an academic settings is charged with the responsibility to lead and head the security personnel of the institution and protect both staffs and students from any harm through his initiatives.

However, the CSO is poised and task mainly for the following duties which includes;

  • Moving on patrol to secure the students, staff and premises as a whole.
  • Inspecting all buildings on the campus
  • Guarding the entry point and verifying the identity of visitors.

These are some of the few non-academic administrators in the higher institutions settings.

In Conclusion

The institution is not just a place for academics alone even though academics is the primary assignment. It also comprises of lots of social curriculum activities which includes sports, religious activity, cultural activities, socializing and entertainments.

Both academic and non-academic administrators are important and essential to the development and growth of an institution as they all have an important roles to play in all aspect of the school.

Founder and editor at AcademyPathways. Habeeb is a National Diploma(ND) holder of Statistics graduated from the highly esteemed The Polytechnic, Ibadan, Nigeria. With over a decade of experience in the education sector and career setting, Habeeb provides first hand information on educational and career related topics.

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