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Wellspring School Fees

Wellspring University 2023/24 School Fees, Acceptance and Hostel fee[Updated]

Are you a fresh student(fresher) or an aspirant looking to gain admission into Wellspring University and want to know what the acceptance fee, hostel, and school fees are like? This article is for you.

Before we dive in, we hope you’ve already acquired your Wellspring application form, if not send us a message via our contact details to get it done.

In this article, will provide you with first-hand information about Wellspring University tuition fees, acceptance fees, and accommodation fees for the forthcoming 2023/24 academic session.

Some of the questions we will look to cover in this guide includes;

  • how much is Wellspring university school fees?
  • How much is Wellspring university acceptance fee?
  • Is Wellspring university acceptance fees refundable?
  • Is Wellspring university school fees refundable?
  • Is the accommodation fee refundable?
  • How much is wellspring university accommodation

Relax and chill as we break down everything for you……

How Much is Wellspring University Acceptance Fee?

The management of Babcock university has publicly advised all candidates who have been offered provisional admission (excluding Nursing students) and have generated their admission letters on CAPS to proceed with the payment of a non-refundable Acceptance Fee of Thirty Thousand Naira only, (N30,000.00.)

However, Nursing Students are to proceed with the payment of a non-refundable Acceptance Fee of Fifty Thousand Naira only, (N50,000.00.)

NOTE: The Acceptance fee is typically non-refundable

Wellspring University School Fee for 2023/24 Academic Session

The tuition/school fees differ based on the program/course and academic levels as different faculties and departments may have varying fee structures, depending on the resources required for each course.

Below is Wellspring University 2023/24 School fee to prepare you ahead of resumption as released by the management.


100L200L  300L  400L
College of Science & Computing               
B.Sc. Microbiology  410,000410,000410,000410,000
B.Sc. Biochemistry 410,000410,000410,000410,000
B.Sc. Computer Science465,000465,000465,000465,000
B.Sc. Information Technology430,000430,000430,000430,000
B.Sc. Cyber Security 450,000450,000450,000450,000
B.Sc. Software Engineering465,000465,000465,000465,000
College of Basic Medical & Health Sciences
B.NSc. Nursing (excluding clinical fees)  1,000,000800,000800,000800,000
BMLS Medical Laboratory Science 800,000630,000630,000630,000
Public Health480,000480,000480,000480,000
College of Social & Management Sciences
B.Sc. Accounting420,000420,000420,000420,000
B.Sc. Taxation410,000410,000410,000410,000
B.Sc. Mass Communication420,000420,000420,000420,000
B.Sc. Business Administration 415,000  415,000  415,000  415,000 
B.Sc. Hotel Management & Tourism 410,000  410,000  410,000  410,000 
B.Sc. Entrepreneurship380,000 380,000 380,000 380,000 
B.Sc. Economics 410,000  410,000  410,000  410,000 
B.Sc. International Relations 420,000  420,000  420,000  420,000 
B.Sc. Public Administration 410,000  410,000  410,000  410,000 
Human Resource Management 410,000  410,000  410,000  410,000 
Criminology & Security Services410,000410,000410,000410,000
Application Form (Fresh students only)10,000
Matriculation (Fresh students only)25,000
Caution fee10000
Medicals (Annual)25000
Laboratory fee (Sciences & Accounting) – Annual30000
Studio fee (Mass Communication) Annual30000
Clinical services (Nursing & Med. Lab. Science) [200-500L]175000
Development Levy (Annual)10000
ID Card (Fresh students only)5000
Sporting Activities (Annual)2500
ICT Charge (Semester)5000
Graduate Finishing Program (Final Year Only)20000

NOTE: All above fees does not include REMITA charges and service fee.

Wellspring University Hostel Fee for 2023/24 Academic Session

Wellspring accommodation fee is the cost associated with providing housing or living arrangements for students or individuals within the institution’s premises.

The specific fee structure can vary widely depending on the institution, location, type of accommodation, and amenities provided.

How Much is WELLSPRING UNIVERSITY Accommodation Fee?

Wellspring university have set a fixed amount for her students based on accommodation to ease the students shelter and transportation most especially students coming from different part of the nation and world.

Below are the price per session of accommodation fee of Wellspring University

Wellspring University 2023/24 Hostel fee

We at AcademyPathways wish you success as you resume the 2023/24 Academic session.

Founder and editor at AcademyPathways. Habeeb is a National Diploma(ND) holder of Statistics graduated from the highly esteemed The Polytechnic, Ibadan, Nigeria. With over a decade of experience in the education sector and career setting, Habeeb provides first hand information on educational and career related topics.

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