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Find Out Who Is the Real Owner of Adeleke University!

In its 12 years of existence, Adeleke University has undoubtedly risen to become one of the best private institutions in Nigeria.

The awards won and the nominations it has received, are undoubtedly a testament to back up that claim.

Honored by The African Youth Parliament as the best private university in Africa for the year 2017, followed by a nomination as ‘school of the year’ at the Annual Nigerian Universities Crest Awards (ANUCA) in 2018 plus many more others.

One would ask, how did a relatively new school rapidly rise to such height? With so many answers to that question, I would opt for the most important one, which is? the MANAGEMENT.

Wait, the growth of Adeleke University, Ede is owed to its owner and its management? YES, you heard that right.

I know you already want to know who is the owner of Adeleke University, and just like you, I am eager to tell you about this wonderful person whose love for education has seen him build one of the best private universities in Nigeria.

So without much talk, let’s dive into knowing who owns Adeleke University Osun State, Ede.

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Who is the Owner of Adeleke University?

Adeleke University is owned by Dr. Adedeji Adeleke in 2011. Owing to his love for quality and affordable education, Dr. Adedeji Adeleke through the Springtime Development Foundation (SDF) founded Adeleke University in Osun State ede, to ensure less privileged students have access to a quality higher education.

Brief History of Adeleke Adedeji

Born in Adeleke Adedeji is a well-educated Nigerian Politician who schooled in Columbia Pacific University and Western Kentucky University, Kentucky, USA.

He is a billionaire, the CEO of Pacific Holdings Limited, a real estate mogul, and the president of one of the best tertiary institutions in Nigeria (Adeleke University) just to name a few.

Although he might be known for his successful business career, He also has an amazing family to his name, as he is the husband to the late Dr. Vero Adeleke, with whom he bore and raised 3 children, in the name of, popular Nigerian music artiste Davido Adeleke, Adewale Adeleke, and Coco Adeleke.

In 1996, Adedeji Adeleke established a non-profit NGO called Springtime Development Foundation (SDF) with the aim of bettering the lives of many Nigerians through Education.

In March 2011, he received the national license to run operations at his University- Adeleke University in Osun State. Which was the beginning of something wonderful.

Is Adeleke University Co-Owned By a Church?

Adeleke University is a faith-based institution of higher learning, that is closely aligned with (but not owned and/or operated by) the Seventh-day Adventist Church and its philosophy of Christian Education.

Where is Adeleke Adedeji University Located?

AU is located in a serene and nature-friendly atmosphere of 520 acres of land in the historic town of Ede, Osun State, South-Western part of Nigeria.

Who Can Attend Adeleke University?

Although it is owned by an individual and partly operated by a church organization, regardless of your faith, religion, tribe, and race background you can attend Adeleke University provided you can pay the tuition fee.


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