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Who is the owner of Africa University Zimbabwe? A Complete Overview

Have you been hearing about the Arica University, Zimbabwe and wondering if the university is meant for Africans only? Or doubting if the university is owned and managed by the whole African nations?

Well, In these article, I will be dishing you with the complete overview of the ownership of Africa university, Zimbabwe and everything you need to know about it.

Africa university is a private pan-Africa university situated at Zimbabwe and was established in 1992 with the mission to unite all African together and to strengthen the bond no matter the race, color and religion.

Being the first Pan-African university, you would want to believe that the university is owned, managed and controlled by the African community right? But actually, No…….

However, In this article, I will give you the full details on who really owns Africa university, Zimbabwe.

Let’s get going….

Who owns Africa University, Zimbabwe?

Africa University being the first Pan-African university is located at Zimbabwe and is founded and owned by the United Methodist Church.

The growth in membership and the emerging socio-economic and political needs in their countries led the African Bishops of the United Methodist Church (UMC) to call on their Church to invest in higher education provision in Africa.

When was Africa University founded?

Africa University, Zimbabwe, the first Pan-African university was founded and established in 1992 and proclaimed by former president of Zimbabwe, His Excellency Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

However, the official ceremony of the university site occurred in April, 1991.

Where is Africa University located?

Africa University is located in 17 km northwest of Mutare, Zimbabwe in Penhalonga.

Brief history of Africa University, Zimbabwe

Africa University, Zimbabwe Logo

The history of Africa university, Zimbabwe dated back to 1980 when Bishop Arthur Kulah of Liberia and Bishop Emilio J. M. de Carvalho of Angola canvass for a university for all Africa.

United Methodist Church worldwide took interest in their opinion and that led to the birth of ‘Africa initiative’ in 1985. A committee was selected and they decide on Zimbabwe to be the location of the proposed university.

In 1987, United Methodist Church of Zimbabwe donated 1542 acres of land for the university and the following year, the church approved the founding of Africa University and made a financial support of US$2.5 million annually from the general church budget.

April 1991, Africa university was set to be unveiled as thousands of people gathered on the university site for the official groundbreaking ceremony .

However, Africa university was not officially recognized until 21 of January 1992 when former Zimbabwe president in person of His Excellency Robert Gabriel Mugabe officially announce the university as a private university.

By so doing, Africa university became officially founded on 21 of January, 1992 and became the first recognized private university in Zimbabwe.


Africa University, Zimbabwe is a private Pan-African university founded in 1992 and committed to strengthen the African communities together irrespective of tribe, race and religion. The university is owned by the United Methodist Church.

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