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Who Is the Owner of Bowen University?

Ranked as one of the best private universities in Nigeria, Bowen University prides itself on its strong commitment to fostering a thriving educational culture which has resulted in the development of outstanding students who make significant contributions both within the nation and on the global stage.

Renowned for their significant contributions to society through education, today we would rather look to address a frequently asked question, often asked by new, existing, or former students, as well as aspiring individuals and curious minds alike: “Who owns Bowen University?”

Considering the size of Bowen, both its expansive building structure and remarkable academic achievements, Let’s face it, it’s only natural for the question, “Who is the owner of Bowen Private University,” to arise periodically.

Therefore, for you, I have taken the initiative to do the legwork. In this article, I will reveal all relevant information concerning the ownership, founding history, and academic culture of Bowen University, ensuring you are well-informed.

Without any more delays, Join me as we embark on this journey together.

Who Owns Bowen Private University?

This might come as a surprise to you but, Bowen University is not owned by an individual or private entity, rather, bowen university is a private university that is owned and operated by the Nigerian Baptist Convention

Although it is not owned by a private entity Bowen University is run by some notable individuals who occupy various positions in the university and one of the standout names is Joshua Olalekan Ogunwole (Vice-Chancellor).

Who Is the Founder of Bowen University?

The idea of founding Bowen University was first conceived in 1938 and in 1957 the joint meeting of the Executive Committees of the Baptist Mission of Nigeria and the Nigerian Baptist Convention endorsed the idea. However, Bowen University became a private university on 17 July 2001.

Where is Bowen University Located?

Bowen Private University is located at Iwo in Osun State, Nigeria, with its school walls erected on the old 1,300-acre (6 km2) campus of the Baptist College.

How Far Is Bowen University From Lagos State?

Depending on which side of Lagos you are coming from and to put some other unforeseen circumstances such as traffic, and factors such as public or private transport.

Your journey from Lagos state to Bowen University is a 2-hour 10 minutes journey, however, puting all of those circumstances into consideration you should be looking at a 3 hours journey.

Who Can Attend Bowen University?

Although it is owned and operated by a church organization, regardless of your faith, religion, tribe, and race background you can attend Bowen University provided you can pay the asking tuition fee.


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