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Who Owns Achievers University? Meet the Founders

Achievers University is a private owned university established and accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC) on 11th December, 2007 in Owo, Ondo State.

The university commence academic activities on 2nd April, 2008 with 126 students in two colleges of (College of Social & Management Sciences and College of Natural & Applied Sciences).

However, the university at the moment have grown to add three(3) more colleges and a school of Postgraduate studies.

Achievers university, being the first private university in Ondo state was suspended of their operational license shortly after being accredited but stand back to their standard to regain back the license few months it was suspended.

With such a bounce back in a shorter period of time, kudos should be given to the management and the owners who are the brain behind the growth.

Right now, You may want to ask who is/are the owner of Achievers university. Relax you’re on the right page to get your question answered.

In this article, I will be dishing you with the owner and fonder of Achievers university, It’s location and founding history of Achievers university.

Who owns Achievers University?

Achievers University established in 2007 in Owo, Ondo state was owned by the Achievers Continuous Education Centre led by Hon. Dr. Bode Ayorinde.

The center was initially registered in 1994 and founded by Dr. Bode Ayorinde as a private limited liability company but later sold shares to some personalities during the course of establishing Achievers University.

However, Hon. Dr. Bode Ayorinde founded Achievers university but do not personally own it as Achievers university is own by a group of people, Achievers Continuous Education Centre.

Where was Achievers University located?

Achievers university founded by the Achievers Continuous Education Center is located at KM 1, Idasen/Uteh Road, Owo, Ondo State, Nigeria.

Brief history of Achievers University

Achievers University Logo
Achievers University Logo

The foundation of Achievers university dated back to 1991 in Ibadan when Dr. Bode Ayorinde established the Continuing Education Centre.

The idea came when Bode Ayorinde registered for the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN) professional examinations and attended the Institute’s Tuition Centre at Ibadan. The exam has two part and needed to pass the two.

Dr. Bode already passed the Part 1 of the exam and needed to also pass the Part 2 of the exam but unfortunately, there were no center in Ibadan then to teach the Part 2 of the course.

This would means all students in Ibadan who applied for the CIBN course would need to go to Lagos for the Part 2 of the course.

However, Dr. Bode Ayorinde decided to create a tutorial center for the professional examinations of CIBN, ATS and ICAN students and later added JAMB and GCE coaching.

After few years, he founded Achievers High School, Ibadan which serve as a stepping stone to the foundation of Achievers university.

When the need to expand and create a private university arose, Achievers Continuous Education Centre being a family business earlier decide to invite some notable personalities to buy shares and join the company.

It all went successful as their offer attract notable people such as Chief Mrs. Olutoyin Olakunri, Sen. T. O. Olupitan, Senator J. O. Kolawole and Professors to subscribe to the shares.

According to the university, the team is made up of 90 shareholder that emerged and found Achievers University in 2007.


Achievers University, Owo is a private university founded in 2007 and committed to providing its students with an academically rigorous education. The university is owned by the Achievers Continuous Education Centre.

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