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Revealed! Who owns Chrisland University? Brief History about the University

Chrisland University is an internationally recognize private owned university situated in the city of Abeokuta (capital city of Ogun State), Nigeria. The university was founded in less than a decade ago and has made it way to top private universities in Nigeria.

Chrisland university, (an arm of Chrisland Schools Limited) is no doubt a private university but haven made it way to the top in short period after it establishment is indeed questionable. However, for such a rapid growth of an institution, there is indeed a brain behind it.

I know in your mind right now, you would already be asking who is the owner of Chrisland university?.

In these article, I will be unveiling to you the founder and owner of Chrisland university and Chrisland Schools Limited as a whole being the parent company/institute.

Now let’s get to the real deal!

Who is the owner of Chrisland University?

Chrisland University established in 2015 was founded and owned by a seasoned educationist, High Chief Dr. (Mrs) Winifred Awosika, OON with the vision of impacting the education sector positively.

Dr. Winifred Awosika had always had the dream of establishing an educational levels every ten years with the vision of being the lead of private education in Nigeria.

However, her dream was brought to live brought to life when she established the Nursery section which she started by educating not more than seven pupils in her home kitchen.

But how does these dream became achievable from teaching in the kitchen to the point of establishing Chrisland University? Follow us along as we brief you on the history of Chrisland University.

Brief history of Chrisland University

The foundation of Chrisland University begin 47 years ago with High Chief Dr. (Mrs) Winifred Awosika, OON quitting her teaching job to take care of her 8 children most especially her three-year old son whom she had a strong desire to create for him a nurturing environment to give him the best private home education.

In the process, she got noticed by friends and family who requested they bring their children for lesson which she accepted. On the long run, she and her family moved to a new home and Dr. Winifred Awosika convinced her husband to use the old house for school which was granted.

According to report, she intend naming the school “All Saints School” but seems to religious and instead decided to name the school Chrisland School which was establish on October 3rd, 1977 and officially welcomed 5 students to the school.

Remember, Dr. Winifred Awosika had the dream of establishing new levels of educational section every ten years up to the tertiary education level.

Fast forward to 1987, in bid to keep her dream going.

Mrs. Awosika led her team to establish Chrisland College on February 2, 1987 with initial students of 5 (admitted) and 20 staffs during the opening ceremony. The school keep expanding in nunbers and need for another branch arise.

The school opened a new branch at the popular Victoria Garden City(VGC) community on September 21, 1998, with 33 students and 12 staff.

The creation of Chrisland University

There was a slight delay in the establishment of Chrisland University as proposed by the founder, Dr. Mrs. Winifred Awosika to establish new level of education every ten years.

However, the dream was brought back to live on September 17, 2015 with seven pioneer students admitted into two colleges; College of Arts, Management and Social Sciences and College of Natural and Applied Sciences.

In 2019, the university was granted full operational license by the Nigeria’s National Universities Commission to operate as a private university in Nigeria.

In 2021, College of Basic Medical Science was established while College of Law was verified by National Universities Commission (NUC) in 2022.

Being one of the private Universities in Nigeria, Chrisland University has continued to visualize becoming a world class university renowned for its ethical standards, research, community service and the outstanding training of a new generation of leaders.

Where is Chrisland University located?

Chrisland University is located at Ajebo Road after FMC, Abeokuta, Ogun state, Nigeria.


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