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Who owns Christopher University? Meet the Surprising owner of UNICHRIS

Christopher University (UNICHRIS) is one of the private universities that was established and licensed by the Nigeria Federal government on 25 February, 2015 at Mowe, Ogun State.

UNICHRIS is an exceptional institution with the vision of world-class institution with emphasis on intellectual, social, cultural and talent development of students.

The institution within a short period of it’s establishment have become tech driven as they now uses the latest ICT innovations to display it’s excellent competency.

Christopher University also offers an array of courses couple with entrepreneur skills and training and issue certificate in affiliation with relevant professional bodies for some affordable fees.

With so much achievement from a university less than a decade at the moment, we have no course than to applaud and the owners and management of the university for their effort.

You may be curious to know who is the owner of Christopher university, a tech driven young and growing university.

However, In this article, I will be taking you through the journey of the founding history of UNICHRIS and the owner of the university.

Who is the owner of Christopher University?

Christopher University Logo
Christopher University Logo

The ownership of Christopher university have been an interesting issue to discuss as many feel it is own by Dr. Christopher Ezeh due to the name of the institution.

There have been rumor spreading even from reputable relating Chris Ezeh as the owner of Christopher university. However, UNICHRIS is not owned by an individual but a group of people.

However, I might as well agree that Dr. Christopher Ezeh is the brain and founder of UNICHRIS which still does not make him the owner of the university.

From my genuine research, Christopher university is founded and owned by Translucent Management Services, an educational firm registered under the CAC on 31 May, 2004 as a corporate organization with Chief Eric Nwobi as the chairman of Christopher university.

UNICHRIS Board of Trustee

Below are the five (5) board of trustee of Christopher university.

  • CHIEF ERIC NWOBI – Chairman

When was Christopher University established?

Christopher University (UNICHRIS) was established and founded by the Translucent Management Services group in 2015 as a private university in Nigeria.

Where is Christopher University located?

Christopher University is located at KM 34 Lagos Ibadan Expressway, Ibokun Aro, Mowe, Ogun State.

Is Christopher University accredited in Nigeria?

It is no doubt Christopher university have been accredited by the National Universities Commission of Nigeria to operate as a private university in Nigeria in 2015.


And there you have it—the story behind the ownership of Christopher University, led by Chief Erick Nwobi as the chairman.

However, the story behind the university name, Christopher University cubed from Dr. Christopher Ezeh’s name is still unknown and yet to be revealed.

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