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Who is The Owner OF Coal City Private University Enugu?

The roles that higher institutions play in terms of individuals acquiring a high level of formal education and shaping the minds of tomorrow for the greater good can never be swept under the rug, and one such institution is Coal City University.

Ranked in the top 3 universities in Enugu state and in the top 500 in Nigeria as a whole and has garnered attention for its unique offerings and trendemous contributions to education in Nigeria.

But have you ever wondered who owns Coal City University?, Have you ever asked to know the brain that birthed and is driving this impressive project?

In this article today, we will take a look to know who owns Coal City, as well as provide you with some key insight about the founder of this non-profit higher institution that is not only overachieving and exceeding its expectations but has a bright future lying ahead.

Let’s get it going…

Who is the owner of Coal City University?

Founded in 2016, Coal City University located in Enugu State Nigeria, is owned by Rev. Fr. Prof. Stan Anih (of blessed memory) who is well known for being an educationalist and philanthropist.

Coal City University was birthed, thanks to the undying efforts of Fr. stan Anih, who had an ever-burning vision and passion to provide Nigeria and the West African region with a world-class University that will equip individuals with the critical skills and knowledge necessary to achieve their full potential, and drive positive change in the world.

Coal City isn’t the only educational-related project that Fr Ani has had a hand in, years before the birth of Coal City University, He founded “The African Thinkers Community of Inquiry College of Education in Enugu.”

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Other (Board) Owners of Coal City University

Fr Ani might be the front runner of this amazing higher institution, however, just like every other business or school there are several other hands on deck, and that’s the same for Coal City University. Here are some other notable figures behind this great school.

  1. His Royal Majesty Igwe Justice Ezebuilo Ozobu (of blessed memory)
  2. His Royal Highness Igwe Hon. Dr. Benjamin Chukwuemeka Nnachetam.
  3. Dr. Sylvester Emeka Igwe.
  4. Professor Charles Anikweze. (Chancellor)
  5. Barrister (Mrs.) Chikodi Madu.
  6. Ambassador Ogbonnaya Aja-Nwachukwu.
  7. Chief (Mrs.) Felicia Anih.

Brief History of How Coal City University Was Formed

In the early stages of conceptualizing Coal City University, Fr. Ani extended an invitation to like-minded individuals who shared his vision of establishing a university that would be the first choice for those seeking academic excellence and self-actualization.

Among those who responded to this call were prominent figures such as His Royal Majesty Igwe Justice Ezebuilo Ozobu (of blessed memory), His Royal Highness Igwe Hon. Dr. Benjamin Chukwuemeka Nnachetam, Professor Charles Anikweze among others. These individuals became the pioneering members of the Board of Trustees for the envisioned university.

In August 2003, a bill to establish the university was signed into law by Governor Chimaroke Nnamani after being presented to the Enugu State House of Assembly by Hon. David Atigwe.

Following this legislative milestone, the Board of Trustees submitted an application to the National Universities Commission, seeking a license to establish Coal City University in Enugu. Unfortunately, during the application process, Rev. Fr. Prof. Stan Ani, the initial visionary, passed away.

The mantle of leadership for realizing this vision was then passed on to Honourable Sir Chinedu Ani, who assumed the role of promoter of the university’s vision.

The tireless effort of Sir Chinedu Ani, now serving as the Chancellor of the University, along with other dedicated members of the Board of Trustees, meant that On the 22nd of November, 2016, the Federal Government of Nigeria issued the license for the University to operate as a private university in the country.

Consequently, the University officially opened its doors in November 2016, initially offering two faculties – the Faculty of Arts, Social and Management Sciences, and the Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences, with 10 departments, 15 programs, and 81 students.

Coal City University has made significant strides since its inception. As of 2022, it is ranked in the top 3 out of 6 universities in Enugu, 111 out of 157 in Nigeria, and holds a global ranking of 580 in Africa.

This rapid ascent solidifies its reputation as one of the fastest-rising private universities. Hence gaining recognition for its commitment to excellence in teaching, research, and its strong connections with business, industry, and government.

Students at Coal City University thrive in a high-quality academic environment that prioritizes their needs and fosters innovative approaches to learning.

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Is Coal City University Owned by an Individual?

Since it was initially founded by an individual, one would argue that Coal City University is owned by an individual, but when looked at from the lens of others whom Fr Ani invited and considering they have been the ones running it ever since his demise, its safe to say coal city is not owned by an individual.


We have come to the end of this article, where we have provided you with an answer to the question “Who owns Coal City Private University? as well as sharing a brief history of the institution.

We discussed how Fr Ani conceived the idea and invited other like minds to birth this idea into reality, we also shared some insight, into receiving license to operate as a university, and how his vision has truly faired his demise, etc.

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