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Who owns Landmark University? Finally Revealed!

Landmark University is the pioneer private Christian agriculture-based University in, Omu-Aran, Kwara State, Nigeria and was affiliated with the Living Faith Church Worldwide aimed at improving the agricultural sector of the Nigeria and Africa at large.

Since it’s interception, Landmark has been able to featured among the top five universities in Nigeria by Webometrics and considered well deserved.

However, the question that comes to the mind is who is the owner of Landmark university?. Though it is a private university but it may come to surprise that the institution being affiliated with Living Faith Church Worldwide is owned by an individual.

In these article, I will answer your question of who is the brain behind Landmark University, not only that, we’ll take a brief look into the school’s history.

Who is the Owner of Landmark University?

Landmark University established in 2011 was founded by Dr. David Oyedepo, the President of Living Faith Church World Wide, lead the establishment of the institution as a catalyst for Agrarian Revolution.

According to Dr. David Oyedepo, he established Landmark University with the vision to lead an agrarian revolution for the emergence of a new self-sufficient Africa in terms of food security via the education platform. 

When Was Landmark University Founded?

Founded by David Oyedepo, LMU was established and licensed by National University Commission (NUC) On March 7, 2011 to run undergraduate programs in Agricultural Sciences; Sciences and Engineering, Business and Social Sciences.

However, the university officially commence full academic operations on On March 21, 2011

Landmark University Name History

The name “Landmark” was inspired from the compelling establishment purpose, which is to advance learning through research by breaking new grounds of knowledge and innovation. Names are significant because individuals and corporate entities answer to their names. They remind not only the bearers but also the corporate operators, leaders and stakeholders of the institutions establishment purpose. From this understanding of purpose, they are able to detect if the University is truly breaking new grounds of knowledge through research or not.

Who is the chancellor of Landmark University?

It is no more a news that the chancellor of a university is equally the head and in most cases the founder of he university. However, same applies to Landmark university.

Dr David Olaniyi Oyedepo, the founder of  Living Faith Church Worldwide (Winner’s Chapel) and LMU is also the chancellor of Landmark university.


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