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Who owns Lead City University? Finally Revealed!

Lead City University, Ibadan is a privately owned university founded in 2005 in the city of Ibadan under the name City University and have lived to be one of the best private university in Nigeria.

Currently in its sixteenth academic session as at the time of writing these article, Lead City University, Ibadan (LCU) has graduated nine sets of students offering various programmes suitable for both the young adolescents and adult working class and therefore provides flexibility by allowing for a choice between part-time & full-time study schemes.

However, you might have been wondering who is the owner of Lead City university, Ibadan?

Undoubtly, Lead City university is known to be a private university but the big question is, Is Lead City university owned by an individual, organization or an entity?

In these article, I will be answering your curiosity on who the real owner and founder of Lead City University Ibadan Is and a brief history of the university.

Who is the owner of Lead City University?

Lead City university was founded in 2005 and owned by Prof. Jide Owoeye who is also the Chairman College Press & Publishers Ltd., Jericho Ibadan (established in 1986); Chairman, Eduserve Consult (an educational consultancy firm) known for promoting educational development at both the Tertiary and non-tertiary levels especially in the City of Ibadan.

Prof. Jide Owoeye see the need for educational loan for students and staff welfare services and therefore necessitated his establishment of the Lead City Microfinance Bank Ltd. in 2008.

Where is Lead City University Located?

Lead City University is located along Lagos-Ibadan Express Way, Off Oba Otudeko Avenue, Toll Gate Area Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria.

Brief History Of Lead City University

In 2002, Lead City university owner Prof. Jide Owoeye submitted its application to the National Universities Commission to establish a private university. The Standing Committee on Private Universities (SCOPU) conducted the verification and the final assessment visits in August and September, 2003, respectively.

However, after the final assessment, SCOPU reported that the profile of Prof. Jide Owoeye has the capability to establish a private university and was approved for immediate take off by the NUC in December 2003 as a preparation for the ratification by the Federal Executive Council, which was effected on the 16th of February, 2005.

Though the authorization of the university has the name as City University, Ibadan. but was due to cases of mistaken identity, the Board of Trustees and Council of the University had an extra-ordinary meeting on the 7th of March, 2005, and resolved to change the name to Lead City University, Ibadan

The change in name was subsequently communicated to the Federal Ministry of Education, the National Universities Commission, Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) and other stakeholders while all previous documents relating to City University, Ibadan remain valid.

Academic Programmes at the Lead City University took off from the Jericho Campus of the University located within Ibadan City, with adequate human physical and material resources.

In bid to represent the university motto “Knowledge for Self-reliance“, the university offer compulsory professional programmes (ATS, ACII, ICAN, NIPR, NIMN, Microsoft Certificate etc.) or vocational training in Computer Repairs and Assembling, Printing, Media Technology, Fashion Design, Electronic Repairs, etc., on the campus.

With belief that graduates from the university would prove themselves worthy men and women who are able to use their intellect as adeptly as they can apply their physique.


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